Road Safety

According to the United Nations, across the world, about 1.3 million people die every year on road accidents and about 50 million people are injured. The Annual Report (2013) conducted by The International Transport Forum, ranked South Africa the worst out of 36 countries, when it came to road fatalities. According to the study, road crashes in South Africa had an estimated economic cost of R307 billion each year. Road Safety is a growing need and concern to transport professionals across the globe.

South Africa has adopted UN’s Decade for Action 2011-2020 to improve road safety. At Koleko, we believe that road safety is an integral part of planning and development of new roads. It is also an important element that has to be considered while upgrading existing roads and while conducting maintenance operations. Some of the focus areas are:

 Evaluation/ Assessment – evaluation of existing conditions, conducting a safety audit, accident statistics, identifying potential hotspots.

Education and Awareness – educating communities, schools, and relevant officials on improving safety on our roads, causes and effects, contributing factors and safe practices.

Engineering–engineering solutions that can improve  safety on our roads. This involves changing the geometry or alignment of the road, increase sight distance, increase visibility, reducing speed and reducing conflicting points. Traffic Engineering projects typically include a safety component.

Management– the national pedestrian safety management plan required provinces to identify hazardous locations and to implement solutions. Koleko can help develop tailor-made solutions and help conduct workshops on road safety.

 Enforcement– this is one of the most critical elements in achieving the road safety goals. Koleko can help devise strategies to enforce safety, thereby making our roads safer and save lives.

NMT Road Safety

Road Safety Engineering Assessment

This is a screening process to establish the safety status of sections of an existing road network. It is a set of predefined key indicators to determine the feasibility of safety improvements of such a section. The engineering assessment process provides a list of prioritized locations that should be further investigated.

Road Safety Audits

This is a formal examination process of a new or upgrading project where interaction with road users takes place, in which an independent and qualified team identifies potential safety problems and suggest measures to mitigate those problems. The audit process results in a report describing potential safety concerns that should be reconsidered prior to advancing to the next stage of the  design process or to physical construction or taking over completed construction works.

Road Safety Appraisal

This is a systematic examination process of an existing road location, in which an independent and qualified team reviews onsite conditions and available historical evidence to identify existing or potential safety problems and suggest measures to mitigate those problems. The appraisal process results in a report describing potential safety concerns on-site and suggested remedial measures.

Road Safety Projects:

N12 Wolmaranstaad: In 2016, SANRAL appointed Koleko to conduct an audit on the N12 section 14 from Fels street to KM 61 in North West province.

R555, R579 D1547: In 2017 Koleko conduct an appraisal on over 250 kms of  class 2 roads in Limpopo. Extensive surveys were conducted to identify some of the potential risks due to geometric design, visibility, signage, etc. Vehicular counts, pedestrian and public transport counts were conducted at several intersections along the route. The safety hazards were categorized into high, medium and low risk.

N12 Study: Koleko was appointed to conduct a safety study along 150 km stretch of the N12 in North West province.

Boeing Road Study: Koleko conducted a study to improve the safety along Boeing Road in the City of Ekurhuleni.

NMT Implementation Manual: Koleko was appointed as the Safety Expert to draft the NMT Implementation Manual for The Ministry of Works and Transport, in Uganda.

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