Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the services offered by Koleko Solutions within Transportation Planning. Public transportation plays a key role in nearly all sustainable transport policies and strategies. Bus, taxis and rail transport provides a means of mass transportation that minimises congestion and environmental impacts, while allowing people to make their journeys.  Public transportation can also provide a lifeline to people living in rural areas or in remote communities who have limited or no access to car travel. A critical component of public transportation planning is its integration with other modes of transportation such as bicyclists and pedestrians. There are various forms of public transportation, including Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT), metro, monorail, buses, taxis and heavy/commuter rail.

Public transportation planning is a stream of Civil Engineering which involves planning and developing public transportation systems. It includes some elements of traffic engineering and urban planning. During the process of public transportation planning, the location of the public transportation stops, routes, scheduling and mode of public transportation are determined. Further details of the system such as fares and ticketing systems may also be determined.



One of the projects conducted by Koleko Solutions is a public transportation study in the Linksfield area in Johannesburg. The proposed site was within the jurisdiction of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, located along the N3 highway. The eastern boundary of the Linksfield development coincided with the Johannesburg-Ekurhuleni border. Therefore, the public transport planning for this development took into account the impact on the City of Johannesburg’s public transport network as well as the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s public transport network.