Koleko Solutions provides a wide range of services. Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning is Koleko’s core expertise. Through our partners and associates we are able to provide a wider range of services to our clients in Southern Africa. We put our clients first and understand their needs and expectations before commencing a project. Due to our strong technical background, we are able to deliver a quality product to our clients. Having worked with various municipalities, we understand their requirements and standards. We are innovative in our solutions, while still meeting the expectations of the clients and the municipalities.

Traffic engineering refers to the use of engineering techniques to achieve safe and efficient movement of goods and people. It mainly focuses on road geometry, traffic signals, road geometry, sidewalks, crosswalks for pedestrians, cycle facilities and road surface markings. Read more about our Traffic Engineering services.

Transportation planning deals with the assessment, planning, evaluation and design of various transport facilities such as roads, freeways, bicycle lanes, public transportation, freight corridor and logistic hubs. Typically, it deals with identifying the problem, generating alternatives, evaluating them and finally identifying the feasible solution. Read more about our Transportation Planning services.

Geometric Design of a roadway entails identifying the position of physical elements of the road as per the prescribed standards. It includes various specialist fields such as geometric design, pavement design, stormwater design and traffic signals. It could also include the design of a parking garage, intermodal transfer facility, logistics hub or other transport related facilities.

Road safety studies is one of the services offered by Koleko Solutions. According to the United Nations, across the world, about 1.3 million people die every year on road accidents and about 50 million people are injured. A Road Safety Annual Report (2013) conducted by The International Transport Forum, ranked South Africa the worst out of 36 countries, when it came to road fatalities. Read more about our Road Safety services.

Koleko Solutions can conduct simulation and modeling studies. We have access to various simulation softwares, using which we can simulate vehicular traffic at an intersection, pedestrians at an intersection or at a public transportation facility, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), etc. Koleko Solutions has the tools and the knowledge to conduct various other studies within the Civil Engineering and Urban Planning environment. Feasibility study, cost benefit study, traffic survey, outdoor advertising, parking studies are some of the other studies that can be conducted by Koleko Solutions.