Some of the projects that Koleko has successfully completed are summarised below. Feel free to contact us to know about some of our other projects and to know more about the projects that we are currently busy with.


Comprehensive Public Transport and Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) Study

One of the projects conducted by Koleko Solutions is a public transportation study in the Linksfield area in Johannesburg. The proposed site was within the jurisdiction of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, located along the N3 highway. The eastern boundary of the Linksfield development coincided with the Johannesburg-Ekurhuleni border. Therefore, the public transport planning for this development took into account the impact on the City of Johannesburg’s public transport network as well as the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s public transport network.


Shamba Sonke Programme

The Shamba Sonke programme, launched in April 2011, is dedicated to road maintenance on secondary roads and rural roads, with particular emphasis on repairing potholes, using labour-intensive methods of construction and maintenance. The strategic objective of the Provincial Road Maintenance Grant (PRMG) is to ensure efficient investment in provincial roads to implement the Road Infrastructure Strategic Framework for South Africa (RISFSA) in line with the Shamba Sonke road programme and other related infrastructure asset management programmes.

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Orange Farms Shopping Center – Traffic Impact Study

The proposed shopping center is located in Orange Farms, Johannesburg. Koleko Solutions was appointed to conduct a traffic impact study for the proposed development, which was about 1 250 sqm in area. The study investigated the impact of the additional traffic generated by the proposed shopping center on the immediate surrounding road network and it determined the need for road upgrades to mitigate the anticipated traffic impact.

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Van Riebeeck Street Closure – Traffic Impact Study

Van Riebeeck is a residential neighbourhood in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, that has recently experienced a lot of crime. In order to address the issue of rising crime, the  residents via the home owners association applied for road closures. Koleko Solutions was appointed to count a traffic impact study to evaluate the impact of the proposed road closures. The objective of the study was therefore to evalute the traffic impact of the proposed road closures.

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Residential Development – Traffic Impact Study

Koleko Solutions conducted a traffic impact study for a residential development comprising of over 350 houses. A traffic survey was conducted to determine the existing traffic demand in the area. The expected trips from the proposed development was estimated based on the Technical Methods for Highways (TMH) 17 – South African Trip Data Manual. Once the trip generation was estimated the total traffic for the existing and the future (horizon) year was estimated. The intersection operations during the existing and future scenarios were determined using the Highway Capacity Manual (2010) methodology.

Consequently, the road upgrades required to accommodate the traffic from the development was determined. A conceptual drawing of the road upgrades was developed, along with a preliminary cost estimate. Cost apportionment and the bulk contribution was also determined.