Koleko Solutions provides comprehensive traffic engineering and transportation planning services to all spheres of government and private organisations. Our services also include transportation related research and policy development. Our goal is to provide innovate and creative solutions that improve the performance of various transportation system, including pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, traffic signals, traffic circles, roundabouts, highways and public transportation systems. We believe that by developing sustainable and equitable solutions the quality of life in the communities can be improved.


We are based in Gauteng, South Africa and we serve clients in the Southern African region. Our private clients include oil & gas companies, mining companies and property developers. Our expertise encompasses various elements of transportation engineering, road planning and design, intelligent transport system, public transport, pedestrian and bicycle planning and road safety.


Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering refers to the use of engineering techniques to achieve safe and efficient movement of goods and people. Traffic engineering encompasses traffic impact studies, traffic calming and road closures, access management, parking studies and traffic signals. Read more about our traffic engineering services.

Transportation Planning

Transportation planning deals with the assessment, planning and evaluation of various transport facilities such as roads, freeways, bicycle lanes, public transport, freight corridor and hubs. Typically, it deals with identifying the problem, generating alternatives, evaluating them and identifying feasible solutions. Read more about our transportation planning services.

Geometric Design

Design of a roadway entails identifying the position of physical elements of the road as per the prescribed standards. It includes various specialist fields such as geometric design, pavement design, stormwater design and traffic signals. It could also include the design of a parking garage, intermodal transfer facility, logistics hub or other transport related facilities.

Road Safety

According to the United Nations, across the world, about 1.3 million people die every year on road accidents and about 50 million people are injured. A Road Safety Annual Report (2013) conducted by The International Transport Forum, ranked South Africa the worst out of 36 countries, when it came to road fatalities. Read more about our road safety services.

Simulation and Modeling

Simulation and modeling studies can be conducted.

Other Studies

Feasibility study, cost benefit study, traffic survey, outdoor advertising, parking studies are some of the other studies that can be conducted by Koleko.